Plastic Recycling Machines , Processing and Injection Moulding Machines

Hikon is the leading manufacturers of plastic processing equipment and machines.We are dedicated to plastic extrusion industry with diversified & innovative engineering solutions in the application design & supply of wide range of products including Injection Molding plastic extruders, recycling units & extrusion ancillaries. we are proud of the leadership position we have earned for our Company.

Below are the listings of plastic processing equipment and machines including Injection Molding Machine, Plastic Waste Recyling Plant, Pipe Extrusion Lines, PP Film Plant and other plastic machinery and equipments.

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Plastic recycling double stage Recycling
Cutter compactor plastic recycling extruder
Plastic recycling single stage extruder plant
Plastic Waste Recyling Plant
Die Face Cutter
PP/PE Automatic Grinding Washing & Drying Lines
Injection Molding Machine
PET bottle Recycling plant in India
Scrap Grinder / Crusher
Plastic Shredding machine manufacturer India
Co rotating Twin screw Extrusion
High Speed Vertical Mixer
HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
Pipe Extrusion Lines
Sheet Extrusion Plant
PP Film Plant
HM/LD/LLD/Film Plant
Hips Blown Sheet Plant
ABS/PC/HIPS Single Layer
Thermoforming Machine
Three Roll Calender Equipped
PP Sutlee Plant With Chease Winder
PVC Single Screw Pipe Production
PP/ PE/ PET Recycling and Washing Line
Plastic Reprocessing Plant
PVC Twin Screw Pipe Production