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Double Shaft

Shredder with combined grinder dual technology for better recycling of plastic scrap

Single Shaft

Plastic Shredder Machine

It is a machine with a specialized mechanism to cut plastic into smaller pieces for granulation. It act as an high-grade plastic granulators, shredders are customized to transfer large plastic waste like pipes, drums, and other items too big for granulators.

Plastic Shredders and Their Key Features

The plastic recycling plant and production facilities always heavily depend upon plastic shredders. Furthermore, it offers many benefits in addition to processing plastics that are used as raw materials for products like-consumer electronics, toys, storage containers, and packaging bags. In addition to plastic recouping, plastic shredders also help with size reduction.

In the recycling and waste management industry, plastic shredders machines have always been an integral part of efficiency and affordable operations. These machines can be used for shredding a wide variety of plastics. Available in different varieties, like from low speed to average speed with high torque. Sometimes different specifications and blade sizes are available in the market.

It is available in different makes and models, plastic shredders usually range from single-shaft machines to an advanced version with four shaft mechanism. It includes grinders, granulators, hammers, and cutters with a specialized sorting and shaking performing ability.

Plastic shredders are available from 50HP and 1,250HP have key features like-

Rugged structure, Auto reverse functionality, Discharge conveyors, Screen, and vibration classifiers, Heavy duty gear, Low noise level, Mechanism with single, double, and four shift, and Different customization for making different and size of materials.

Industries served by plastic shredders machines-

Healthcare facilities, Plastic industry, Laboratories, Manufacturing units, Catering industry, Food processing facilities, Pharmaceutical companies, Biomedical waste management plants, nursing homes, Supermarkets, and Cardboard manufacturing units.

Advantages of using plastic shredders in the waste management industry-

  •  They help to recover waste in various industrial processes like molding, trimming, and casting
  • Waste which is shredded is easier to handle and perfect for reuse.
  • Known as an efficient disposal method, it can reduce the cost of recycling in many industries.
  • Plastic shredders machines are the big sources to generate revenue by facilities that are into selling of shredded plastics for use as raw material.
  • They can easily convert plastic waste into reusable raw material for plastic products.
  • Used in commercial units to recoup disposed of waste.
  • Highly recommended for shredding important business documents, CDs and floppies. They actually help in maintaining privacy.
  • Shredders are used in companies used in companies to reduce carbon footprints. Well, act as a saver for the environment.

Plastic shredder role in commercial industries

Plastic shredder machines have always been acted as an efficient solution for molding and reshaping scrap into valuable resources, irrespective of size and shape of plastic material. When it comes to working with PVC pipes, Vinyl materials, and plastic materials, shredders are very useful. Many industries are using shredders for transforming scrap into various products and materials. But as machines have many specification or grades, one has to be particular when it comes to choosing for a particular industrial use.

Technical Specification

500 MM 15 80-125
600 MM 15 150-200
700 MM 22 200-300
800 MM 30 300-500
1100 MMM 45 500-800



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