Co rotating Twin screw Extrusion

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Co rotating Twin screw Extrusion line for manufacturing of compounding of polymers, engineering polymer and master batches.

The most versatile machine for Compounding, Masterbatch, Engineering Polymer and any type of polymer to be processed with most of the formulation.

Intermeshing Segmented Screw and Modular barrels makes it more flexible to process various polymers

Multiple Feeding option by using Volumetric Feeder, Loss in weight Feeder, and forced side feeder can be plugged easily to process special additives, Glass Fiber , etc..

  • Specially selected High Quality and High Torque Gear box used for longer life.
  • Higher number of Heating and Cooling Zones makes it more precise temperature Controlled processing
  • Screw & Barrel are made up of special alloy steel for longer life.
  • Strand Cutting/Air Ring Die Face and Water Ring Die face cutting is available Natural
  • Vent & Vaccum Pump removes the impurity from the material and enhances the quality for end use.
x Co rotating Twin screw Extrusion

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