Die Face Cutter

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Model  Hikon C 100 Hikon C 120 Hikon C 150
Screw Dia (mm) 100 120 150
Output (kg/hr) 150-175 200-250 450-500
Main Drive (KW) 37 55 88
Connected Load (KW) 111 181 343
Space Required 25’x15’x10’ 30’x15’x12’ 35’x17’x14’


Sailent Features :-
  • Accurate Hikon own manufactured Vented Technology screw and barrel for moisture removal.
  • With High output with the lowest electrical consumption.
  • Output range from 100 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr.
  • With compactor direct on extruder for automatic feeding of plastic film waste for higher output and less electrical consumption and less man power requirements.
  • With optional PLC control for extreme performance.
  • With VFD control for alteration of motor speed.
  • With Cold Screw protection.
  • With Hopper force feeder.
  • Magnetic detecter with conveyer.
  • Water cooled and air cooled die face cutter optional
  • With Air Knife.
  • water die face cutter for pp/ldpe/hdpe/abs/pc plastic granules with a range of 50-1000 kg/hr output

x Die Face Cutter

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