Hikon India - Injection moulding machine for automobile parts
Hikon India - Plastic recycling extruder with die face cutter for cement bags, raffia
Hikon India - Plastic recycling Extruder.
Hikon India - shredder for lump cutting.
Hikon India - Hikon at Indplas Kolkata 2018.
Hikon India - Hikon Pet waste washing and drying line.
Hikon India - Hikon Doube stage recycling plant with die face cutter.
Hikon India - Hikon Injection Moulding for PET preforms.
Hikon India - Hikon Fully automatic washing and drying line for plastic waste.
Hikon India - Hikon at Plastindia 2018
Hikon India - recycling extruder mother baby with side feeder, Die face Cutter and air conditioned Panel
Hikon India automatic plastic waste grinding washing and drying line
Hikon Injection Moulding Machines for PET
Hikon mother baby recycling extruder with water die face cutter and side feeder
Hikon India 360 T Servo Injection Moulding machine
Hikon India Scrap Granulator
Hikon India 360 Ton Servo Injection Moulding Machine
Hikon India 550 ton servo injection moulding machine
Hikon Automatic grinding , washing and drying lines for plastic scrap.
Hikon Single shaft shredder
hikon profile
recycling extruder
sheet extrusion
film extrusion
RPTS 100 VENTED from Hikon for Recycling plastic waste
Sheet Extrusion Plant from Hikon for Thermoforming Application
Sheet Extrusion Plant from Hikon India
Hikon Injection Molding Machine Servo model
Scrap Granulator for Crates Factory Trails
Injection Molding for Automobile components
Hikon double stage recycling extruder model Hikon Rpts DS 125/120 Factory Trail
Hikon double stage recycling extruder Vented model Hikon Rpts V DS 110/110 Factory Trail
Hikon Shredder
Hikon Injection Molding 100 T, 150 T. 250 T servo for automobile parts
Hikon Double stage Recycling Extruder with side feeding
Hikon Plastic Glass Manufacturing Project
Hikon Injection Molding 400 Ton servo chair production
Hikon Injection Molding Assembly/ manufacturing section Unit - 1
Injection Moulding machine 500 Ton for Plastic Crates
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